Bosham Walk

Do you have a spare 20 minutes and need to burn off that delicious pudding that one of our waiters suggested you have?  Well this quick walk will get the blood pumping and give you a quick glimpse of Bosham.

1.  Take a right turn out of the Millstream Carpark down Moreton Road.  Walk approximately 50 metre and turn left down Windward Road and continue until you hit Bosham Creek. (250m)

2. Turn left and follow the shoreline enjoying the view over the water until you arrive at a cottage that borders the shoreline.  (250m)

Anchor Bleu Pub in Bosham
Anchor Bleu in Bosham

3. Follow the path across the driveway and onto Bosham High Street Follow and continue past the Church (Holy Trinity) and the pub (Anchor Bleu) before reaching Bosham Lane. Feel free to pop your head into either establishment.  (300m)

4. Turn left at Bosham Lane and follow the road until you arrive back at the Millstream (300m)

In all the walk is just over a 1km and takes approximately 20 minutes (assuming you don’t get distracted on the way)